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Summary CV

In summary, my credentials for creating this website are:

MA – Local History in the Pipe Rolls: Yorkshire 1154-1189

Teacher, PGCE tutor, Principal Lecturer in History

Director, Schools History Project 1982-1989

Author and editor of over 100 textbooks for schools

National Teaching Award for university teaching, 2003

Honorary Fellow and Associate Vice-President, The Historical Association

Honorary Fellow, Leeds Trinity University

Further details of my Cv, including work for museums, are given below.


Being awarded an Honorary Fellowship at Leeds Trinity University, 2017

Teaching and Teacher Training

Teacher and head of department, secondary comprehensive school, Wakefield, 1976-1981

PGCE tutor 1989 - 1995, Trinity and All Saints College, Leeds, concurrent with:

Principal Lecturer in History, 1989 - 2002, specialising in medieval history, the Wars of the Roses and overviews of British history

Awarded National Teaching Fellowship, 2003, after being chosen as 1 of the 20 ’outstanding university teachers in the country’. The NTF Project produced this website and its accompanying DVD on active learning techniques. (See more on the DVD here …)

Provision of workshops for A level students on the Wars of the Roses and the Tudor period, including source-work, role-plays, decision-making activities and up to date Historiographical analysis. These workshops have been held in schools, museums and historic sites including the Tower of London

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CPD and Allied Work

Director, Schools History Project 1982-1989

Publications Director, Schools History Project (part-time, 1999 - 2010)

Experience of providing courses for teachers in over 70 LEAS and for Specialist Schools Trust

Contributor to annual Historical Association and SHP conferences since the early 1980s. Contributions have focused on active learning from KS3 to A level, developing chronological understanding, teaching overviews and outline studies at KS3 and GCSE, teaching methods at A level

Author of articles in Teaching History, Primary History, The Historian, Welsh History Review and TES

Workshop provider at conferences on university history teaching

Lead-author of QCA guidance on developing chronological understanding at KS3, one of the key pillars supporting the 2008 KS3 History PoS (for QCA website)

Member of QCA working parties revising GCSE and A level History criteria, 2005-6

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Writing and Editing

Author and editor of over 100 books and CDs for schools, including:

Editor and author, Hodder History for Edexcel GCSE (2016)

Editor and author, SHP’s Enquiring History series for A level (2013-2015)

Co-author, Making Sense of History for Hodder Education (2014-15)

Author and series co-editor SHP KS3 Resources for 2008 KS3

Series editor for Key Stage 3 series for Oxford University Press (1991-1994) and for John Murray (2000-2008)

Series co-editor for Discovering the Past GCSE books for John Murray (1997- 2005).

Series editor for SHP Core Texts Advanced Level series, published by John Murray (1998 - 2006)

Author of Medicine and Health through Time (1996) and 3 board-specific Medicine books (2009), and Crime and Punishment through Time (1999).

Author of The Tudor Century (1993), a ground-breaking book that introduced activities, artwork and diagrams into mainstream A level books.

Co-author of digital learning CDs for KS3 and GCSE History, Hodder-Murray (2007)

Co-author of The Young Oxford History of Britain and Ireland, a history for general readers (1996, second edition 2005)

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Historical Association

Associate Vice-President (2014 – present)

Director, HA Teacher Fellowship in Teaching Later Medieval History, 2016 – a 9 month CPD course bringing teachers and historians together to develop teachers’ subject knowledge and develop new resources for schools.

Editor, Exploring and Teaching Medieval History, 140pp, 2017. A collection of articles by historians and teachers commissioned by the Historical Association and sent free to all secondary school in England and Wales

Awarded Honorary Fellowship of HA (2009)

Branch officer and committee member, Leeds (1979 – c.1998)

Branch officer and committee member, West Yorkshire (c.2003 – c.2007)

Member of Council (c.1985 – c.1991)

Member of Secondary Education committee (c.1985 – c.1991)

Provider of workshops at HA Education Conferences (c.1985 – late 1990s)

Provider of lectures and workshops for HA branches (c.1987 – late 1990s)

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Museums and Heritage

My teaching, writing and communication techniques provide materials and courses that are particularly suited to museum, heritage and outreach education. Examples include:

Educational Consultant for Thackray Medical Museum, Leeds prior to the museum opening and on its continuing educational development [ More info ]

Author of GCSE pack for Thackray Medical Museum, Leeds (winner of Sandford Awards – Educational Museum of the Year 2000/2005)

Author of GCSE pack for Galleries of Justice, Nottingham

Author of KS2 and KS3 packs for Vindolanda Roman Fort [ More info ]

Author of KS3 pack for Kirkstall Abbey, Leeds (being trialled)

Consultant to Segedunum Roman Fort and Museum on medicine galleries for GCSE students

Consultant to British Museum on using Hadrian Exhibition with KS3 pupils

Advisory consultancy for English Heritage on educational publications (2007)

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Ian Dawson at Spofforth Castle, near Leeds’Talking head’ interviewee for programmes made by Cromwell Productions and shown on The History Channel on ’Henry VII’ and a series of four programmes on ’The Wars of the Roses’

Interviewee for DVD production of ‘The Wars of the Roses’ made by Definition Media

At Spofforth Castle,
near Leeds.

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