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Activities, Discussions and Background Material for A Level

A level teaching is often deeply enjoyable and rewarding. This stems, I think, from the combination of experiences – the chance to get to know the students really well, the opportunity to develop the depth of knowledge we need as teachers, the challenge of thinking hard about teaching so that we help students learn most effectively. Teaching at A level is just as demanding technically as at any other level and we need to use at least as wide a range of activities to deepen students' knowledge and understanding.

This page links to activities and resources and to broader discussions of some key features of A level teaching and also to collections of resources on two favourite topics of mine.

If you are new to A level teaching there is much in Teaching Guidance section which is relevant, even though there is no individual section on A level.

You can see the full list of A level resources HERE …

Raising Attainment

A series of articles by Dale Banham and myself identifying and exploring key strategies for improving students’ attainment.


General Teaching Techniques

A range of teaching ideas and techniques that can be used in a variety of contexts.

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Teaching & Learning at A Level

Discussions exploring general aspects of A Level teaching:

• Helping students identify different types of history books HERE …

• Independent Learning at A Level HERE …

• Timelines & Time-Stories HERE …

Henry VII – Past Articles

• Henry VII: Diligent bureaucrat or paranoid blunderer? HERE …

• Henry VII: Out of the shadows? HERE …

Resources by Period

Activities, discussions and background material divided by period as follows:

• c.1000-1450
• 1450-1700
• 1700-1900
• 1900 & After

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The Wars of the Roses

Resources for teaching the most fascinating subject of all!

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A Level Textbooks

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Latest Additions

Wars of the Roses
‘Who’s Who’ (HA site)

Wars of the Roses Sources (HA site)

Hundred Years War Sources (HA site)

Different Types of History Books

Martin Luther and the Road to Worms

Henry VII & the Early Tudors

Flipped Learning & Independent Study

Helping Students with Provenance

The Fishpool Hoard & Lancastrian Resistance

The Ryther Hoard & Lambert Simnel

The Impact of the Normans

Burgundians, Orleanists and Armagnacs

Who's Who?

Raising Attainment

Understanding the links between nobles and gentry

Using articles on the 1450s with students