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Activities, Discussions and Background Material for KS2

We re-organized the material in this KS2 section at Xmas 2014 to make it easier for you to relate the activities on the site to the 2014 National Curriculum.

I am not trying to be encyclopaedic in coverage of the NC. However I plan to add material regularly – allowing for the demands of a heavy publishing workload in 2015-16.

The four boxes below are portals to the resources which include activities, discussions of key aspects of teaching and planning and finally background material particularly aimed at non-specialist teachers.

Or you can see the full list here …

Enquiry: Understanding the Process

• Enquiry is fundamental to the study of History from primary to post-graduate level. These activities help children understand that enquiry process explicitly Here …

• Enquiries on particular topics can be found via the Historical Topics portal Here …

General Teaching Techniques

A range of teaching ideas and techniques that can be used in a variety of contexts. They don’t fit neatly into the other boxes but that doesn’t mean they’re not useful! Here …

Schools History Project

SHP also has material on its website for primary teachers Here …

Chronological Understanding

• Developing chronological understanding is a slow process which requires much revisiting and consolidation. These activities provide a variety of active ways of building that understanding across KS2 Here …

• Activities on the chronology of particular periods can be found via the Historical Topics portal Here …

Resources by Period

Activities and background material divided by period as follows:

• Prehistory
• Romans
• Saxons and Vikings
• 1066-c.1700
• 1700 to today
• Non-British

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Latest Additions

Having Fun through Time & Chronological Knowledge

York Coin Hoards

When was the best time to live in …?

What did the archaeologists find in Camulodonum?

Skara Brae: Part 1

Skara Brae: Part 2

Sutton Hoo: Re-creating the ship burial

New Discoveries to Keep History Bubbling: No. 3