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Activities Pre-1066

These are all activities prior to 1066, Romans, Saxons & Vikings etc.

Archaeology ones are mostly under Miscellaneous


From the Stone Age to the Romans: An Introduction to the (Pre)History

Prehistory – an introduction to the content
A three page summary  for teachers unsure about periods and major developments in prehistory.

Introducing the Chronology of Prehistory

A set of ideas for KS2 teachers.

Skara Brae: Discovering a Stone Age Community

Part 1: Resources and historical background for exploring the intriguing evidence from Skara Brae in Orkney.

Skara Brae: Discovering a Stone Age Community

Part 2: Teaching suggestions for exploring the intriguing evidence from Skara Brae in Orkney.

What can we find out about the people of the Glastonbury Lake Village?

Explore the finds from this Iron Age site and work out what they tell us about the villagers.

Change and continuity in Ancient Medicine

Create a physical timeline, using students to represent the periods and key developments in Ancient Medicine

The Medical Marketplace – an Ancient Egypt exemplar

Help your students gain independence, learn from each other and build up their knowledge of Egyptian Medicine.

What did the Ancient Egyptians think caused disease?

Act out Egyptian ideas by turning your students into human anatomy

Four Humours made Simple

The simplest possible demonstration of the theory

Visiting an Asclepion

Can your students find the cure for their ailments at the Asclepion?

Having fun with a pig: Making Galen memorable

An activity from Richard Kennett – see it on his own website.

What’s Under the Sheet?

Puzzle and intrigue! A mysterious way to help students sum up a topic, exemplified by Galen's work on medicine.

Big Brother meets History of Medicine: Debating Significance

Who was the most significant figure in Ancient Medicine? Was it really Hippocrates or would you chose someone else?

The Mystery of Tollund Man

The body in the bog becomes the body in the classroom to build students' enquiry and source skills. Activity by Susan Edwards and Nichola Boughey.

Romans in Britain

Turn you classroom into a physical map and tell the story of the Roman invasion

Equipping a Roman Soldier

Load a legionary with his equipment and change pupils' thinking about the lives of Roman soldiers

Why did the Romans want an empire? The Paulinus Activity

Play the part of Paulinus and help pupils understand why empires were built

How long were the Romans here for?

A timeline to develop a sense of duration

Romans & Wolves (formerly Romulus & Remus)

What’s in the picture? Find out and explore how the Romans saw themselves

Making Sense of Hadrian's Wall

Use your pupils as milecastles, turrets and forts to help them understand the Wall and, if they’re lucky, where their site-visit fits into the big Wall picture

Londinium 60AD

A brief play that introduces Boudica’s rebellion – more Blue Peter than Pinter

Boudicca’s Rebellion

Walk through the events and ask pupils to take the key decisions

Sutton Hoo: historical background for teachers

An introduction to the finds from Sutton Hoo and their context, aimed at non-specialist teachers of history at KS2.

What did they find at Sutton Hoo?

Recreate the moments of discovery, carry out an enquiry into one of the greatest archaeological discoveries in Britain and help children understand the process of historical enquiry.

Re-enacting the Sutton Hoo Burial

A creative way of looking beyond the treasure of Sutton Hoo in order to help students think more deeply about the people who buried the ship and their king.

Romans, Saxons & Vikings: The Overlaps

A timeline activity to develop a sense of duration

Thinking skills for Medicine through Time – Creating Memory Frames

Constructing memory frames on PowerPoint that summarise the key points, aiding memory and revision

Spotting the BC/AD Forgery

Using a coin as a way in to the conceptually difficult issue of BC and AD. Can your students spot the forgery?

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