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General Teaching Issues & Discussions

This could be called ‘Things that don’t fit anywhere else’ as that just about sums this up – a range of discussions that are about general aspects of history teaching and are not Key Stage specific.

There is no logic to the development of this section, other than that, over the years I've become interested in particular issues at particular moments – and decided to write about them!

Raising Attainment

A series of articles by Dale Banham and myself identifying and exploring key strategies for improving students’ attainment.

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Ian Coulson’s ‘Handy’ Guide to Medieval Architecture

A brilliantly simple idea

… how to use the fingers of one hand to explain and remember Norman, Early English, Decorated and Perpendicular styles

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Music in the History Classroom

Neil Bates enthuses about the value of music in the classroom and provides examples from his own classes.

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Bringing random acts of kindness to schools and classrooms

It may not be History but this feels like a really important addition to the site – perhaps the most important of the year.

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Using Personal & Family Histories
in the Classroom

My DadA variety of suggestions for ways to use your own histories to motivate students and deepen their understandings.

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Help for Non-UK Readers

Help for non-UK readers – a translation of English educational terms in use on this website

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Helping Students Think about the Provenance of Sources

A couple of ideas putting analysis of the source before what it says.

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Exploring & Teaching
Medieval History

Introducing a new long-term project exploring approaches to teaching about the Middle Ages and also a new HA publication on the same theme.

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40 Years On

The first in a series of ‘Forty Years On’ blogs looking back and looking forward, in this case with the help of Sam’s Magic Triangle.

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Articles I've written over the years for publication in Teaching History and similar.

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Using the Historic Environment

A fieldwork discussion and a case study:  

• Reviewing the use of fieldwork and trips in History courses Here …

• Goodrich Castle – a fieldwork case study Here …

KS3 Issues and Discussions

All the teaching issues and discussions relating to KS3 have been moved to that section i.e:

• A structural idea for the future
• What is History?
• Planning Issues at KS3
• Why do we always do why first?
• Teaching the Civil War
• Teaching the Industrial Revolution
• Knowledge in KS3
• Teaching about 1381

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Open Evenings

So how do you make History attractive to Year 6 children looking round your school? Here's one idea that certainly fits the bill in ‘Capturing Imagination’

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