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Medieval Lives Mattered: Section 4

Telling Your Big Story of Medieval Britain

This section helps students build their own overview of medieval Britain by working through a set of layers from a very simple to a more complex overview. As well as helping KS3 students I hope this also provides departments, trainees and their tutors with ideas to discuss how they can teach overviews. As well as text and activities for students there’s a scripted drama covering the same material as pages 6-10 of the text plus a PowerPoint sequence and teachers’ notes.

Some pages may appear text-heavy but I assume you will adapt them to the needs of your classes. I believe it’s better for me to provide you with a quarry to adapt, than for me to write a sparse text and leave you needing to add material.

This is the opening spread of the classroom resource

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Download the full set of resources here:

• Student Text HERE …

• Student PowerPoint HERE …

• Teacher Notes HERE …

And see the accompanying scripted drama

Journey to the Middle Ages HERE …

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4. Telling Your Big Story of Medieval Britain

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