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Feedback - What's Helpful

Any constructive feedback is welcome but, in particular, there are some specific issues that are helpful.

This site will benefit from 3 kinds of feedback:

  1. Comments and analysis
  2. Suggestions for new activities
  3. Activities that work well for you

1. Comments and analysis

Comment and analysis of how an activity has worked with your students and details of how you’ve varied the content or approach according to age and ability. Whenever possible I will include such comments in the Notes, Variations and Feedback section under each activity.

2. Suggestions for new activities for the site

To construct a new activity, I need three pieces of information:

  1. The topic
  2. The target group e.g. KS3, GCSE etc
  3. And most importantly – an explanation of what or why the students usually have difficulty with this topic i.e. identify the learning problem to be addressed by the activity, not just the content.

You can find examples of learning problems in the existing activities on the site.

3. Activities that work well for you

Let me know about activities that worked well for you (how and why) and you would be happy to pass onto other teachers through this site.

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