Aug 302017

As the bulk of my non-retirement time is going to be spent on the medieval project we have revamped the website to accommodate it. We’ve added two sections, identified by the tabs on the left of the Home Page:

  1.  A new Introduction to the website, incorporating a selection of ‘highlights’ representing the range of material on the site and some material I’m very fond of!
  2. A section on the Exploring and Teaching Medieval History Project – at the moment the main elements are:
    1. a short description of the project
    2. an updated Contents page for the HA publication which will go free to every secondary school in late November
    3. the section on research into students’ perceptions of the Middle Ages which offers teachers the chance to take part in research being undertaken by Dr Jason Todd of the University of Oxford Department of Education – and provides resources for you to do your own diagnosis of students’ perceptions if you wish.

As the year goes on I’ll be adding material to the other sections, though at the moment all my time is taken up with the final stages of work on the HA publication.

To accommodate these two new tabs, we’ve moved the section on Chronological Understanding into the section headed ‘Issues in History Teaching’. We’ve also dispersed the material in the old ‘Reading History’ section around the site, to wherever seemed the most natural home for each item.

Lots more medieval items to come in due course,

With best wishes for the new school year,


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