Dec 022017

This is a slightly revised version of an article that appeared in Primary History in Autumn 2017.

It provides guidelines for planning and teaching a unit on ‘having fun across time’ for use in the later years of Key Stage 2 (or possibly Year 7) – investigating questions such as:

‘What did people do for fun in this period?’

‘Were people having fun in the same ways in the Middle Ages as in the Roman or Victorian periods?’

What did our parents and grandparents do for fun when they were children and how different are our activities?’

‘When were the greatest changes and why did they happen?’

However there are deeper purposes too. This enquiry uses the theme of ‘having fun’ (or, if you are in the south, ‘leisure activities’) to reinforce pupils’ chronological understanding and knowledge while at the same time also reinforcing their understanding of the process of enquiry.

You can see the full article HERE …


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