Feb 022018

The Historical Association has sent this new publication free to all secondary schools in England and Wales in week beginning 29 January.

The paper version going to schools is 96 pages long. An extended version with more articles on the teaching of the period and the history itself is available open-access on the HA website www.history.org.uk

If you have an enquiry about distribution of the publication because your school has not received a copy, you live elsewhere or have another connection with teaching please email the HA on enquiry@history.org.uk with the subject header, Teaching Medieval History.

Linked to the publication I have added three items to this website which can be found HERE …

• An extended version of Martin Spafford’s article in ETMH on teaching about migration in the Middle Ages

• My subjective introduction to the publication – trying to explain why it contains what it does!

• An introductory guide to reading about the Middle Ages, aimed at new teachers with little background knowledge of the period.


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