New Resources for later medieval history at KS3, GCSE and A level

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Dec 222017

The HA has put online a range of open-access resources created by teachers on the HA’s Teacher Fellowship on later medieval history HERE …

These resources comprise materials on:

Medieval Marriage (Key Stage 3) – a role-play using a real dispute in York, exploring how marriage disputes were settled and what this tells us about the period

The Battle of Agincourt (GCSE) – a role-play helping students understand the narrative of events and the reasons for Henry V’s success

Hundred Years War sources (A-level) – a collection of source material on the events of 1415 to 1453 for use in courses and for independent studies

Wars of the Roses sources (A-level) – a discussion written for students which explores the nature of late medieval sources, how we use them and summarises contextual information about major sources

Wars of the Roses ‘Who’s Who’ (A-level) – activities to help students work out ‘who’s who’ 1437-1485 together with a lengthy set of mini-biographies of key figures students study

Medieval and Early Modern gallery (A-level) – an activity developing students’ sense of period through visual sources

We hope that early in 2018 an additional resource will be added on the Paston and their letters.


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Resources for teaching the later middle ages

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May 092016

Agincourt 600 Teacher Fellowships News Update:

The first two elements of the Fellowship programme have been completed. Our teachers have taken part in a two day residential course with leading historians of the period, Professors Anne Curry and Michael Hicks, and have completed an eight week on-line course. These on-line sessions aimed to deepen teachers’ knowledge and understanding of sources from the period, of current interpretations of the period and to discuss approaches to teaching the period.

We have now embarked on the third and final element of the programme, creating resources which the teachers will use with their own classes and which will be made available to other teachers on the HA website. These resources will be completed by late August and will be available on the HA site during September.

The list of resource projects is as follows:

KS2 and/or KS3

Guidance and activities for using the Paston Letters

Role-play and resources on Marjery Spuret’s marriage dispute in late 14thC York

Scheme of work on the later middle ages with exemplar lessons

Scheme of work on England and France in Middle Ages with exemplar lessons.


Resources and activities on Agincourt to support teaching of the Edexcel Warfare Theme

A level

Guidance for students and teachers on developing EPQ/Independent studies on Agincourt

A Who’s Who reference pack for students on key figures in 15thC history plus linked activities

A collection of sources with details of provenance and a guide on using sources

A Guidebook to the broader medieval context with linked activities

Gallery of visual sources to develop students’ sense of period

Scheme of work – a flipped learning approach to the reign of Henry IV


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