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26 Jul: Helping students learn and remember Who’s Who at GCSE and A level

How to involve students in creating a human map of ‘who’s who’ in any period – vital for improving their confidence

17 Jul: Teaching about the Norman Conquest

Videos, conferences, books, podcasts especially for anyone starting to teach the Conquest, including at GCSE …

6 Jul: Raising Attainment: Visible Learning in History

Guidance on teaching students how to decode questions, promoting wider reading, construct arguments and communicate effectively plus more – plus lots of examples of effective classroom-tested resources …

16 Jun: Raising Attainment: a new series of articles

The first in a series of articles by Dale Banham and myself, beginning with (1) Starting Points and (2) Teaching Thematic studies at GCSE.

6 Jun: The York coin hoards c.1066-1069 – raw material for intriguing lesson introductions

Information and ideas for using coin hoards to introduce the Norman impact on the north

9 May: Resources for teaching the later middle ages

An update from the HA Teacher Fellowship scheme outlining the resources being developed for teaching the later middle ages at KS3, GCSE and A level

22 Feb: Resources for teaching about the late middle ages – KS3, GCSE Warfare, A level

On Agincourt; England in the time of Richard III; Weapons and Armour

21 Feb: Resources for studying Henry VI

… new(ish) material

20 Feb: Update on Hodder textbooks for new Edexcel GCSE

… which I’m editing with Dale Banham

19 Feb: Ian Coulson’s ‘handy’ guide to medieval architecture

A brilliantly simple idea – how to use the fingers of one hand to explain and remember Norman, Early English, Decorated and Perpendicular styles …

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The site was begun in 2004 to provide activities, ideas and resources for teachers (especially trainees and NQTs) seeking to broaden their range of teaching methods. The activities exemplify a range of strategies that require physical movement and involvement from students – living graphs, washing-lines, role-plays and More …



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