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Ian DawsonThis section has its uses but could be very boring, even worryingly egotistical. However, I have borne in mind a passage from one of my very favourite books, Alan Plater’s Oliver’s Story.

Oliver has been made redundant from a teacher-training college which had recently deluded itself into believing it was first a polytechnic and then a new university.

The new vice-chancellor has just handed Oliver his CV:

"Oliver browsed openly through his career record. He found it difficult to believe that one small adventure could fill so much space, while at the same time omitting everything of interest. To be sure, there were dates in abundance and curriculum details he had long forgotten. But where were the jokes? Where were the lateral thoughts and trivial perceptions? Where was the accumulated daftness of a lifetime?"

A CV can't tell the whole story - but those of you who've been to the Saturday evening session of the SHP conference can probably guess what counts as 'accumulated daftness' in my case.

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