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Medieval Readings:
William Caxton's Choices

These pages have a distant link to the material on page 12 in Section 2 about regional variations in English. However they're really here just because it seemed an interesting topic to include!

The Classroom Resource: Pages 1 and 3

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Latest Medieval
Classroom Resources

Read: If you had been 12 in the Middle Ages

When were the Middle Ages?

1. What are your ideas about the Middle Ages? (revised Aug. 2021)

2. Were medieval people very different from us? (revised Aug. 2021)

3. What kinds of things mattered to people in the Middle Ages?

4. Telling Your Big Story of Medieval Britain (revised Aug.2021)

The Wars of the Roses: a package for KS3

Journey to the Middle Ages: A Scripted Drama

What kinds of things mattered? – Role card activity

Read: Did Margery Paston's story have a happy ending?

Read: William Caxton's Choices


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