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Classroom Resources by Key Stage, Period and Overview

All the resources on this website can be found in two ways – they are organised by Key Stage and also by either Historical Period or Overview.

The resources are of different types. The majority are descriptions of activities and supporting materials for use with students. There are also discussions about the teaching of particular topics and of books that teachers new to a topic might find useful. Thirdly and most recently I have been adding textbook-style chapters on aspects of the Middle Ages.

For an overall introduction to the nature of these resources please read the important points HERE …

For other discussions of planning teaching of individual topics see:

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Historical Period

As this section is organised by period it contains resources for use with all age-groups.


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Resources for use from KS2 to A level which help students develop ‘big pictures’ of the past.

Some overviews are of periods, some cover a number of periods and others relate to topics such as GCSE Themes.

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Key Stage

Some resources can be used effectively with students of different ages so appear in two or more sections.

Key Stage 2   (Age 7-11)

Key Stage 3   (Age 11-14)

GCSE   (Age 14-16)

A level   (Age 16-18)

The Wars of the Roses at A Level

Resources for teaching the most fascinating subject of all!

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